Omegle Webcam Games 08

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Added by Anonymous on September, 22 2012 22:47  Reply

se le inexperta...

Added by Anonymous on September, 23 2012 03:18  Reply

How the hell do you find girls on Omegle? There isn't any. 99% of time you'll find guys, typically showing their abs or their dick.

Added by Anonymous on September, 23 2012 08:43  Reply

he didnt cap this vid. he stole this from anonib epic

Added by Anonymous on September, 24 2012 03:29  Reply

Sure for this one, but many others seem to be real and to have been obtained via his games. How the hell does he do this? No girls out of 2000 connections.

Added by Anonymous on September, 24 2012 05:00  Reply

This guy doesn't know jack shit when it comes to capturing so his only method is stealing others' videos and claiming them as his own. That's why a majority of his caps are clips of the same girl. To answer your question regarding using the games, no one game itself will give you an advantage. It's all a matter of luck: being on Omegle at the right time and finding the girl who is willing to play. From personal experience, try using the common interest setting and topics girls like, such as facebook, twitter, guys, etc. Also, the best times to get on, depending on where you live, is usually from 5pm-2/3am. When I get wins, they are usually from late nights.