Husband Strips Wife Naked In Front Of Cheering Bar

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What a lovely pussy ! My wife discovered just what a turn on it is to get naked in a bar when she started out wearing a black camisole, black thigh highs and heels and nothing else to our favorite hangout. The camisole displayed her ass and pussy and she got so many compliments and suggestions to take it all off that she did let the camisole drop to the floor and stayed that way the rest of the night and walked out completely naked. She has since got naked and danced on the bar several times and got so hot she sucked my cock at the bar.

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One of hottest videos I've see, wish it was more than a liitle 5 mins, anyone know there's more after she gets off the bar and starts to head out of the bar or is that it?

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she was the most fun wife i ever seen and did it with taste