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Added by Anonymous on March, 26 2011 11:33  Reply

god, ur hot. i'd love to eat your pussy

Added by Anonymous on April, 18 2011 19:39  Reply

this girl goes to my skoool

Added by fresas on July, 12 2011 16:19  Reply

This is my favorite girl

Added by Anonymous on September, 05 2011 19:43  Reply

She's just gyrating her body all weird and unsexy like. While wearing her name as a necklace, and hidding her face. Stupid.

Added by Anonymous on September, 30 2011 19:42  Reply

Oh for fuck sakes. I am ever grateful for FF. That would have 18 mins of my life, that I sinned for, I'll never get back. I was more interested in what was going on in the background. who was the other bitch in undies? Also, what was up with that Artic robe and the white, man socks? I hope the person who uploaded this vid, did not have to pay for that session.