She Just Turned 18 And Fucks Someone's Dad

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Added by Anonymous on July, 02 2013 13:31  Reply

Reparem que ela ri aos12 minutos pq o pau dele é peqno e ele nao consegue comer ela kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Added by Anonymous on July, 02 2013 17:49  Reply

only now I've come to realise that this is actually very wrong. I'm gnna stop watching these

Added by Anonymous on October, 20 2013 14:48  Reply

my god! Why would he do that? My friend told me so i saw this and my god!

Added by Anonymous on December, 19 2013 20:25  Reply

2 porn stars n aint even related but fun to watch lol

Added by Anonymous on January, 02 2014 00:14  Reply

no, they are definitely related and this guy deserves to rot in hell. they look identical and the girl is NOT into this. i hope someone who knows this guy sees this and reports him. maybe his new daddy in jail can fuck him like he did to his daughter.

Added by Anonymous on May, 07 2014 17:21  Reply

This is very real...they do this a lot in other countries and cultures! Not sure why!