Horny Black Couple Fucking Outdoor Private Video

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that is not rwanda fuckin cunts

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that's Central Park Zoo.............fuckin' Rwanda

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bestiality! fucking monkeys

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FUCK HATE AND FUCK RACISM I'm embarrassed to be white when i read shit like this. Hot Vid, thanks for posting

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title should be monkeys fucking

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why all the hate. just because these are africans you call us monkeys. How would you feel if we called whites pigs since they are pink in color. guess you wouldnt mind since you are pigs anyway, you eat shit

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people are racist because of statistics. look who is responsible for most of the crime in the US. blacks and mexicans. so yeah, lots of people going to be racist towards a group of people who just cant get their shit together. and not all blacks are bad. 1 black family in a neighborhood isnt going to be a problem normally. but when the whole neighborhood is black, well, you get detroit. or cleveland or philly, or any other shitty major city that is 99% black. blacks cant be in large groups is the problem. they get into what i call the "black off" and they all have to outdo each others blackness. which never ends well. again, look at detroit for example A. and maybe this video explains why, what? 75% of blacks are born out of wedlock to single mothers. which is just another factor in the whole "blacks in groups ruin shit" thing. no father figures to raise them, its no wonder they cant get their shit together. but again, in black culture its apparently cool to have lots of kids you dont take care of. when blacks want "racism" to stop. they should get their shit together and prove they are in fact better than the monkeys fucking everything and throwing their shit at each other at the zoo. and if youve never had experience with the ghetto, blacks to shit where they eat. ive helped clean the apartments where they filled all the closets with trash, then the bathrooms with trash, then they started pissing and shitting in a corner of the living room. same one where they watched tv. fucking sick. and it wasnt a singular incident. happens alot according to the guy who owned several of these apartment complexes. sometimes the truth hurts black folks. so get your shit together and prove the racist wrong. it can be done.

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@ anonymous with the massive typing. Im white, and im truly ashamed of you. You are one dumb fukk, you say they are racist because of statistics? I work in a statistic collective agency, and what you are telling is pure imagination made by the generations that's been raised to belive that! Whites arent any better! What colour are 95% of the serial killers ? My guess is that's you've been raised by a racist hilbilly family! Calling blacks monkeys are fucked up! And btw, if you think they are monkeys, wich ppl dont turn on, why the fuck did you click on the link ? Are you some kind of braindead moron ? You are just making a laugh of yourself And, for you're information, white are behind equally as much crime as blacks, it only differs in the crim itself, wich white do more serious of, blacks in general if we may speak such is doing petty crimes mostly, while white people stand for serial murders etc. I've been working with this for many years, and it's my job, so please dont think im gonna let this stupidity pass! If i were you're parents i'd either dissown you or truly be ashamed and disgusted by you. You're mom should have aborted! The racism wont go away with such attitudes you spread around! All men and women are equal, no matter the skin color. Stop beeing stupid and open you're eyes you limpdick fuckup!

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what is wrong with not liking black people? it doesn't matter why I don't like them - I have a right to make my own decisions to hate or love anyone I choose to. Furthermore, it does not hurt black people if I do not like them. Of course, no one is allowed to hit a black person or steal from them and I will fight anyone who does. BUT I do not like black culture or about 80% of the black people I meet or see around town. I could go through a whole list of things I do not like or I believe is wrong and you would just try to pick apart the list but those would be YOUR opinions of the same facts and still valid based on your priorities. If i choose not to hire a computer programmer because I do not like their skin color I will most defiantly miss out on hiring an excellent black programmer - eventually.... BUT it is my choice and my priorities (and experience) say that it is not worth the risk given all the other things that I don't like about blacks. PS we all like to see monkey fuck

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You do know nothing in your comment about "Whats wrong with not liking black people" would defend you in court when said black programmer presses charges due to you refusing to hire him only because of his skin color, which is discrimination which is illegal... yeah you got right to dislike blacks, but see, dislike and being an asshole aint the same i Do not like 90% of humankind, but i'd still hire the one with best results made, even if he was black, white, yellow or freaking blueskinned, otherwise i'd risk having to pay fines or jail just because i confused free will to hate with discrimination

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Why in the fuck are you guys arguing racism? Even if you are racist...You came here to watch a little teen slut get fucked...Shut the fuck up all of you, put your hand back in your pants and do your fucking job.

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Nigger plz..

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a-holes, can't we all just enjoy the fuck?

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Looks like the video could have been made in Jackson, MS just last week, during a break in the riots.

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sad to see all the hateful thoughts people still just because there blacks but just want to enjoy life?:shame on you idiots