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Added by Anonymous on July, 28 2011 23:37  Reply

I'm no gay man, but I would do them both... Hard and all night long! Both have the sexiest lil asses.

Added by Anonymous on October, 22 2012 05:29

you're definitely a faggot

Added by rocco777 on January, 22 2013 09:50

Ya dude, you're a faggot & so is this kid in the vid with the limp dick... y'all should go fuck each other

Added by Anonymous on July, 31 2011 12:30  Reply

Uh, yeah you are... You are a gay man BIG TIME!

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I'm sorry if you wernt gay why would any good straight man ever think of another male like that. Now towards the ending while she's like licken his balls that's when I would come from behind her and fuck her real hard. Then bust the biggest load I could, all inside her nice tight little pussy.

Added by Anonymous on September, 30 2011 17:07  Reply

He cant even get it up!!

Added by Anonymous on October, 05 2011 12:01  Reply

Thats my ex! I shit you not...haha that some funny shit, yeah eat that shit ashley

Added by Anonymous on October, 12 2011 19:57  Reply

Lol the man cant get a hardon I would of fucked her good and hard

Added by Anonymous on October, 17 2011 20:01  Reply

WTF, That girl can do better than that! Why do all hot girls pick the ugly guys...?

Added by Anonymous on November, 09 2011 05:35  Reply

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Added by Anonymous on July, 25 2012 01:14  Reply

Love her in these socks...fantastic girl!

Added by Anonymous on September, 21 2012 06:45  Reply

Where's the rest? He finally gets it up and it's over wtf? lol

Added by Anonymous on April, 17 2013 04:18  Reply

Hey i can understand why he's got a bit of a limp dick. Unlike most of you faggots on here that have never had a GF try fucking a pussy 2-3 times everyday for a month strait. Its starts to wear on you...

Added by Anonymous on May, 27 2013 01:56  Reply

I woulda been rock-hard in an instant with her.. and stayed hard and touched her all over and not be like him: overly concerned with the recording of their second-rate sex act. and I'm way older than them. Come to daddy girl..

Added by Anonymous on September, 05 2013 02:59  Reply

I'd like to fuck both

Added by Anonymous on September, 12 2013 06:14  Reply

Lol, many of us who are on this websites are sexoholics. I get pussy every day, several times a day and my dick never goes limp. Sore? Hell yes, but never limp. So quit defending yourself because it's obvious your the little limp dick in the video.